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Client:   Economy Plumbing and Heating Supply
Industry:   Retail/Wholesale

Logos Identity
Project:   Corporate Identity
Management Goals:
  • Illustrated symbol capturing happy and sad emotions.
  • Promote the sense that the client comes first, not the practice.
  • Use warm, safe, familiar, unisex colors.
Illustrated a whimsical, simplistic fish with a half smile-half frown expression. Used blue and yellow colors to represent a "blue" mood and a "sunshine" mood. The logo symbol when faced on either side alternates expression from smile to frown. The letterhead uses the logotype version to reduce the emphasis on branding. It also appears at the right so not to promote the practice foremost instead the letter's salutary greeting is the focus when read from left to right. The business card true, to its function, is much aggresive towards branding the practice. Yet it is designed to be evoke warmth and comfort.

Office:  603.624.2400

P. O. Box 48
14 Mt. Major Hwy.
Alton Bay, NH 03810

Studio Locations:
Alton Bay | Manchester

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Identity Kit

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